I'm a researcher at the INAF-Turin Astrophysical Observatory, where I work in the Solar Physics group. My research interests are the origin and evolution of Solar Eruptions and their consequences when impacting the Earth. I'm born in Florence in 1976, where I also got my Degree, conducted my University studies in Physics, and got my Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Since 2007 I moved in Turin to work at the Turin Observatory. I love hiking, skiing, skating, riding my motorbike, but more than everything I love astronomy!

UV-EUV Spectroscopy of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind; determination of physical parameters of Coronal Streamers and Coronal Mass Ejections Characterization of shocks driven by CMEs. Determination of coronal magnetic field involved in CME-driven shocks. Off-limb observations of the low corona with Hinode/EIS spectrometer; study of solar polar jets; comparison between plasma parameters derived via remote-sensing techniques and in situ parameters measured by Ulysses instruments; Earth – Sun connections and Space Weather; UV Spectroscopy of Sungrazing Comets and determination of comet parameters; expertise on reduction and analysis of data acquired by SOHO/UVCS, SOHO/LASCO, STEREO/COR STEREO/EUVI, Hinode/EIS, Hinode/XRT instruments with IDL and the Solar Software (SSW). Stereoscopic reconstructions of prominences with data acquired by the STEREO telescopes.