Understanding CME structures:
Imaging, spectral, and polarization analyses

Shuting Li
Purple Mountain Observatory
Nanjing China

Sala Seminari Villa Magliola



I will present a comprehensive investigation of a CME with the three-part structure, which erupted at 18:10 on 14 Oct, 2014.

Our analyses focus on the early evolution features of CME eruption from the solar limb to about 2 solar radii in the corona and consist of four aspects: morphology, kinematics, thermodynamics and magnetic structure.

The main results include that:

  1. A pre-eruption structure exists for a long time, which is the counterpart of background loops observed in the AIA 211 Angstrom. The CME core and dark cavity in white-light correspond to hot channels and loop structures in EUV passbands, respectively.
  2. The three-part evolution of the CME represents a two-phase acceleration, which indicates that there are different acceleration mechanisms dominating in different phases.
  3. The temperature distribution of the electron and Fe XIII ions are opposite, implying that inside the CME, the heating efficiency is different for different particles.
  4. The observed polarization pattern of the CME cavity and magnetic structure investigation support the Spheromak model.

Coronal Mass Expulsion

Referente locale: Alessandro Bemporad
Responsabile seminari OATo: Paolo Giacobbe– Mario Damasso