Life-cycles of radiogalaxies

Prof. Raffaella Morganti

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen

Nuclear activity in galaxies is known to recur on different time scales. The study of this duty-cycle is a topic that has recently attracted a lot of attention. The combination of new ideas about the cycle of activity and a more detailed view of the energetics can provide the required crucial input for testing models of AGN feedback. Radio galaxies and their radio jets affect the surrounding medium on different physical scales and potentially play an important feedback role. 
Their actual impact depends on their duty-cycle and energetics, both still topics of discussion. I will present recent results obtained using LOFAR data to identify dying and restarted radio sources and improve our understanding of the life-cycle of radio galaxies.  I will also present results on the impact of radio jets traced by observations of cold gas (HI and molecular) using VLBI and ALMA. These radio data are opening new and exciting possibilities that now can be combined with predictions from numerical simulations.






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