Giovedì 18 Aprile 2019, ore 11:00

Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino, Sala Seminari di Villa Magliola

RHESSI-SWAP post-flare giant arch signatures

Dr. Matthew J. West

Royal Observatory of Belgium

Brussels, Belgium


Recent observations from the SWAP EUV imager on board PROBA2, AIA on SDO and SXI X-ray observations from the GOES satellite have shown that post-flare giant arches and regular post-flare loops are one and the same thing. However, it is still not clear how certain loop systems are able to sustain prolonged growth to heights greater than half a solar radii (> 400000 km). In this presentation we further explore the energy deposition rate above post-flare loop systems through high energy RHESSI observations, combined with evidence of supra arcade down flows, indicating ongoing sustained magnetic reconnection.