The magnetic unquiet Sun: modeling impulsive events in the outer solar atmosphere from nanoflares to eruptions

Prof. Fabio Reale
Università di Palermo
Dipartimento di chimica e fisica

Sala Seminari Villa Magliola


The solar corona imaged in the EUV and X-rays is completely dominated by the solar magnetic field. The dynamic solar interior drags the field and determines strong stresses which eventually allow for releasing magnetic energy into heat and plasma dynamics.
These processes can occur on different scales, from tiny and elusive impulsive events, called nanoflares, to large events which can even influence human activities, like flares and eruptions.
It is believed that the processes which produce all these events can be similar and essentially trace back to magnetic reconnection.
However, a fully realistic description would require involving highly non-linear effects on several spatial and temporal scales which are unfeasible today.
We will discuss possible modeling approaches in the light of comparison and diagnostics from present-day observations.

Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection 2010-02-12

Brillamento solare con eruzione di massa coronale. Nell’immagine (ripresa da STEREO) sono evidenziate anche alcune strutture ad arco stazionarie (anelli coronali). Credits: NASA.

Referente locale: Alessandro Bemporad
Responsabile seminari OATo: Paola Re Fiorentin – Roberto Susino