Credits: ESA/ATG medialab; background image: ESO/S. Brunier – June 1993

The research area of Local Cosmnology has his roots in the Astrometry Team, one of the historical groups of Torino Observatory, which in the last few dacades has contributed with high-visibility roles to international ground-based and space projects for the realization of extremely accurate astrometric measurements and the construction of all-sky stellar catalogs (e.g., HST, Hipparcos, Guide Star Catalog II, Gaia, Euclid ISC).

Accurate measurements of parallaxes and stellar motions are crucial requisites for the search for cosmological signatures in the processes of formation and evolution of the Galactic Disc and Halo, for the study of peculiar (sub)stellar populations, and for validating the Theory of General Relativity.

We are also involved in advanced technological activities for the development of innovative astrometric techniques. In particular, our research activity is devoted to the maintenance and fruition of large-scale data products, as well as to the definition, integration and calibration of instrumentation for future astrometric missions operations and calibration of instrumentation for high-precision astrometric missions in the operational phase or in the design phase.


Researchers: U. Abbas,  A. Bonomo, S. Bertone, B. Bucciarelli, D. Busonero, R. Buzzi,  M. Crosta, R. Drimmel, M. Gai, M.G. Lattanzi, E. Licata, R. Morbidelli, P. Re Fiorentin, A. Riva, R.L. Smart, A. Sozzetti,  A. Spagna,  A. Vecchiato

Postdocs: S. Perina

Ph.D. students: W. Beordo


Mario G. Lattanzi Email: mario.lattanzi at