Our aim is the investigation of the formation, interactions, and evolution of the Milky Way by means of astrometric, photometric, and spectroscopic surveys carried out on from the ground and space.

Specifically, we validate the hierarchical CDM formation scenario by searching and characterizing kinematic stellar streams in the inner halo, as these are evidence of past encounters with the Galactic disk.

Moreover, we investigate the chemo-dynamic origins of the thick disk, by combining the Gaia proper motions with extent catalogues providing radial (line-of-sight) velocities and metallicities, and comparing the data with numerical simulations of the chemo-dynamical evolution of the Galactic disk.

Finally, we investigate the structure and kinematics of the stellar component of the Galactic warp, and other non-axisymmetric disc components by taking advantage of the accurate distances and proper motions of Gaia data releases


Researchers: R. Drimmel, M. G. Lattanzi, P. Re Fiorentin, R. L. Smart, A. Spagna

Postdocs: E. Poggio

Main Research Fields

Structure and kinematics of the stellar halo, disc, and non-axisymmetric components of the Milky Way; Galactic stellar populations; Chemo-dynamical evolution of the Milky Way


  • Scientific exploitation of all-sky stellar catalogs
  • Analysis of astrometric, photometric, and spectroscopic surveys
  • Advanced statistical methods for the analysis of large stellar samples
  • Comparisons between observations and cosmological simulations of Milky Way-like galaxies


Alessandro Spagna Email:  alessandro.spagna at inaf.it