The following Curricular Internships are available at the Turin Astrophysical Observatory in collaboration with the University of Turin and other universities:

Bachelor’s Degree in Physics Internship: Detection and characterization of exoplanets
Contacts:  alessandro.sozzetti at, aldo.bonomo at, mario.damasso at
Research areaExoplanets


Bachelor’s Degree in Physics Internship: : Studio di meteore brillanti (bolidi) con il progetto PRISMA
Contacts:  daniele.gardiol at
research areaPlanetologia

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Presentation of INAF-OATo internships, University of Turin, Department of Physics, a.y. 2023-24

Contacts at INAF-OATo

Dott.ssa Annalisa Deliperi
tel.: 011.8101916
email: annalisa.deliperi at