The DPCT is one of the 6 data processing centers (DPC) of the Gaia Science Ground Segment, located in ALTEC in Turin. The design, development and operation is the result of the work of an integrated INAF-OATo / ALTEC team. The sw systems involved are part of the Astrometric Verification Unit (AVU) and constitute 3 of the 7 scientific systems of Gaia’s Core Processing that reproduce the entire astrometric reduction chain, from telemetry to the production of the 5 astrometric catalogue parameters.
Its importance in terms of FTE, funds and leadership in the Italian participation in the DPAC is highlighted.
To underline: the project aims to look beyond the operation of the Gaia mission, in order to provide the community with a data center with unique data analysis and reprocessing capabilities.
The concept and design of the DPCT and AVU systems started back in 2005.
INAF-OATO is responsible for the definition, design, development, testing and validation of the software for all 3 AVU systems. It is also responsible for all coordination activities necessary for the development and operation of the DPCT.
ALTEC is responsible for the definition, design, implementation, testing, validation and operations of the DPCT h/w and s/w infrastructure and for the integration, testing and operations, in close synergy with the OATo team, of all the supplied software.

Contacts: Deborah Busonero (deborah.busonero at, Mario G. Lattanzi (mario.lattanzi at

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