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Fundamental Astronomy is principally devoted to the determination of the astrometric parameters (positions, angular velocites and distances) of celestial bodies in our Galaxy and beyond, with the aim of studying the kinematic and dynamic properties of its sub-systems so to understand its origin and evolution. This goal is achieved through the definition of a  space-time Reference System, needed for the description of the gravitational  laws of motion, of sub-milliarcsecond accuracy and beyond, therefore incorporating  General Relativity.

Stellar Catalogs represent a material realization of such reference system: major outputs of fundamental astronomy, they are constructed with global and differential astrometric techniques from space and ground-based.

The OATo team works on these subjects both theoretically and experimentally, in synergy with other OATo research programs which make use of such methodologies.


Researchers : U. Abbas, B. Bucciarelli, M. Crosta, R. Drimmel, M.G. Lattanzi, R. Morbidelli, P. Re Fiorentin, R.L. Smart, A. Spagna,  A. Vecchiato

Postdocs:  S. Perina

Main Research Fields

Differential astrometry; Global Astrometry; stellar parallaxes; definition of astronomical reference systems in the framework of General Relativity; construction of astrometric and photometric catalogues


Optical and Near Infrared observation and reduction techniques; Simulation Models,  Parameter Estimation, Statistical Analysis; Matrix and Linear Algebra;  Numerical Methods, Database Manipulation


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