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Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino

Fundamental Astronomy, also known as Astrometry , represents the most traditional line of research at the Observatory of Torino, which was originally devoted to the determination of stellar positions, parallaxes and proper motions.  more...

The activity of the Extragalactic Group splits among the following three main research areas:

  1. Active Galactic Nulei (AGN)
    • WEBT.
    • Radiogalaxies.
  2. Astrophysical plasma and numerical simulations..
  3. Large scale structures..
The main interests of the Planetology Group are focused on the field of the physical properties of the minor bodies of our Solar System, in particular the asteroids. more...

Solar Physics research at the Observatory of Torino is focused on the studies of the extended corona and the origin, acceleration and transient perturbations of the solar wind.  more...
Modern Astronomy can be done only with powerful instruments, demanding for a high technology, that therefore becomes a science by itself. In Italy and in Torino many technology researchers are active in several interdisciplinary fields having applications in Astronomy. The development of new technologies with applications to instruments need parallel Research and Development efforts and time.  more...



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