September 22-27, 2019

Boscareto Resort, Serralunga d’Alba (Cn), Italy

7 th edition of biannual p-process workshop

Continuing the successful series of p-process workshops, we organize the 7 th edition in Piedmont (Italy) in the Langhe region, one of the most characteristic area of Italy, where the most famous Italian wine (Barolo) grows.


Beyond iron, a small fraction of the total abundances in the Solar System is made of proton-rich isotopes, the p-nuclei. The clear understanding of their production is a fundamental challenge for nuclear astrophysics but still remains to be clarified. The p-nuclei can provide important constrain the nucleosynthesis in core-collapse and
thermonuclear supernovae. The γ-process is the most established scenario for the production of the p-nuclei, which are produced via different photodisintegration paths starting on heavier nuclei. A large effort from nuclear physics is needed to access the relevant nuclear reaction rates far from the valley of stability. In addition for light-p nuclei the astrophysical process is still unknown: nu-p, alpha-rich freeze-out, neutrino winds are all possible astrophysical sites. The workshop will cover the above mentioned topics and will explores the state of the art of experimental nuclear physics to provide nuclear data for stellar nucleosynthesis. We will have invited talks that will give a broader overview of supernova models related to the production of the p nuclei, and of experimental and theoretical nuclear physics work on this topic. In addition, we will have invited talks related to interstellar grains isotopic measurements, the observational constraint of p-nuclei together with Solar System abundances. The workshop is organize just one month after Margaret Burbidge, one of the author of the pioneer studies on nucleosynthesis (including p-process) with the famous B2FH paper published in 1957 on Reviews of Modern Physics, turned 100 years old. We will dedicate the workshop to this great woman and scientist.