Silvano Fineschi
OATo director

The Italian solar and heliospheric community, in cooperation with ASI and INAF, is organizing a 2-day workshop, at the ASI Headquarters, in Rome.
This workshop will follow an event on December 2nd at the ASI Headquarters, jointly organized by ESA and ASI to present the Solar Orbiter mission to the Italian scientific community (Solar Orbiter InfoDay).
Given the new opportunities offered to our community for the investigations of the inner heliosphere by the international multispacecraft fleet constituted by BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter and Proba-3, this WS has the aim to propose joint investigations carried out by the exploitation of data collected by instruments onboard different spacecraft, in order to maximize the scientific return for the Italian community who has significantly contributed to the development of these space missions.
The first day of the WS will be dedicated to a description of the main characteristics of these missions, while the second day is open to contributions by the community for proposals and studies of science and synergies for inner heliosphere investigations.


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