The Astrophysical Observatory of Torino (OATo) is involved in many solar missions that in the current decade are devoted to the study of the solar corona, its dynamics, and interactions with the solar magnetic field, both from space: Metis/Solar Orbiter (launched in 2020), ASPIICS/Proba-3 (to be launched in 2023), Coronal Magnetograph (CorMag) for the HEMERA stratospheric balloon mission (to be launched in 2022), and from the ground: ESCAPE/Antarctic Coronagraph (Antarctic Campaign 2022/2023).
The research activity for the proposed fellowship will focus on reducing, analyzing, and combining coronagraphic data from these experiments to address the goal of tracking the spatial evolution of the interfaces between fast, intermediate, and slow solar wind regimes in the inner and extended corona.
  • For further details visit the University of Turin PHd programmes site .
  • The application deadline is 18th of June 2021.
  • For initial enquiries, please contact Dr. Silvano Fineschi (silvano.fineschi at or Dr. Roberto Susino (roberto.susino at by the 15th of June 2021.