Slow and old stars in the disk of the Milky Way

Daniela Carollo, Researcher at INAF-OATo

Daniela Carolllo, researcher at the Torino Observatory, has recently published a paper on the Astrophysical Journal about the kinematics and chemical composition of the stars in the thick disk of our Galaxy. Using positions, distances and proper motions of the stars provided by the ESA Gaia mission, it has been possible to discover the presence of two different stellar disks in the thick disk of the Galaxy, likely originated by two different processes during the formation of the Milky Way. More details here

The paper has been published on The Astrophysical Journal:
Evidence for the Third Stellar Population in the Milky Way’s Disk“, di Daniela Carollo, Masashi Chiba, Miho Ishigaki, Ken Freeman, Timothy C. Beers, Young Sun Lee, Patricia Tissera, Chiara Battistini e Francesca Primas