This is how we did find the New Year Meteorite

Dr. Daniele Gardiol
Astrophysics Observatory of Turin – INAF
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 11:00
Sala Seminari, Villa Magliola


I will describe the steps that led the PRISMA (First Italian Network for the systematic surveillance of Meteors and Atmosphere) network to the identification and recovery of two freshly fallen meteorites based on observations and the precise calculation of the strewn field. This is the first Italian recovered fall (one among a dozen in the world) obtained with a systematic method, thanks to PRISMA, a project coordinated by INAF – Astrophysical Observatory of Turin. On the afternoon of January 1st, at 18:26:54 UT (19:26:54 in Italy), a fireball – that is, a particularly bright meteor, generated by the entry into the atmosphere of a small rocky fragment of asteroidal origin – has crossed the skies of Northern Italy. The calculations of the PRISMA network allowed to delimit the area of probable fall of the meteorite confining it in an area between Disvetro and Rovereto sul Secchia, in the province of Modena, and the fragments were recovered in less than three days after the event.


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Dr. D. Gardiol

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