Parker Solar Probe: a mid-mission summer-summary of discoveries

Marco Velli
Earth Planetary and Space Sciences
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Villa Magliola seminars room



Parker Solar Probe was launched about 5 years ago with the aim of exploring the outer solar corona and inner heliosphere with both in situ and local remote sensing measurements for the first time.

Some of the most important results obtained – ranging from the ubiquitous presence of an outward Alfvénic flux in solar wind streams of all speeds and almost into the heliospheric current sheet, the patches of local radial magnetic field inversions, or switchbacks, the instability of the heliospheric current sheet and the observations of energetic events from smaller flares – will be critically discussed, together with synergetic discoveries afforded by the contemporary solar exploration from Solar Orbiter.

Finally will discuss the new data in terms of our understanding of solar wind sources, coronal heating and solar wind acceleration.

impressione artistica: Parker Solar Probe

Local contact: Daniele Telloni
OATo seminars contact: Paolo Giacobbe– Mario Damasso