240111.Stars, discs & exoplanets in multiple stellar systems

Stars discs exoplanets in multiple stellar systems

Dr. Nicolás Cuello “Stars, discs & exoplanets in multiple stellar systems”

IPAG / UGA (Institut de Planétologie et Astrophysique de Grenoble / Université Grenoble Alpes)

Thursday January 11, 2023, H 11.00 AM -Villa Magliola seminars room



What is the impact of stellar multiplicity on planet formation? This question is motivated by the fact that the process of star formation naturally leads to a very high fraction of stellar multiplicity. What is more, planet formation occurs early on around young stellar objects. The conclusion that follows is unavoidable: planetary cradles (a.k.a protoplanetary discs) are deeply affected by the presence of nearby stars. In this talk we will explore disc dynamics and planetary evolution around binary and triple stellar systems, as opposed to single stars. First, we will briefly review the recent theoretical works on this topic. This will be illustrated with some representative examples of observed multiple stellar systems with discs and planets (e.g. ALMA, VLT/SPHERE). Then, we will review the ongoing modelling efforts to study protoplanetary discs in the presence of several stars. Finally, given the emergence of planetary architectures in multiple stellar systems, we will discuss the current open questions regarding planet formation and dynamics in binaries and triples.
Local contact: Mario Damasso