17 October 2019,  11:00 h.

Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino, Sala Seminari di Villa Magliola

Symplectic ray bundle transfer in general relativity

Dr. Nezihe Uzun

Univ Lyon, Ens de Lyon, Univ Lyon1, CNRS, Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon


Reciprocity relations in physics signal the existence of potentiality of a system. Maxwell-Betti reciprocity for virtual work in elasticity, Onsager’s reciprocity in thermodynamics or quantum mechanical reciprocity of the received signal all state that the observables are unchanged when the input and output agents are traversed. Those distinct systems share a similar property: they can be linked to a well-defined symplectic potential. The work we will present here grew out of questioning what kind of potentiality Etherington’s distance reciprocity in relativity corresponds to. We will present the outcome of such an investigation which turns out to be a symplectic reduced phase space reformulation of first order geometric optics in relativity. Potential applications of this formalism for astrophysical and cosmological scenarios will also be discussed.