Dr. José A. Caballero

Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA

Terra Nova: from science fiction to reality

The first exoplanet around a main-sequence star was announced in 1995. Since then, astronomers have found thousands of exoplanets: hot jupiters, mini-neptunes, super-earths and even Earth-like planets, mostly with the radial velocity and transit methods. Some of these exoplanets orbit their stars within their habitable zone. However, we have not found yet a Terra Nova, a 1-M_Terra, 1-R_Terra planet at 1 au to a G2 V star. I will summarise the current efforts for finding a Terra Nova, with especial emphasis on the latest discoveries with CARMENES, the Spanish-German visible+near-infrared high-resolution spectrograph at the Calar Alto observatory.