Caterina Boccato, Marco Galliani and Marco Malaspina
Representing the INAF Presidency Structure for Communication

Villa Magliola seminars room


The Third Mission is becoming increasingly crucial for research institutions and universities, especially those activities that go by the name of Public Engagement – or Communication, broadly defined.
More and more researchers are getting personally involved in these activities.

In this meeting, we aim to provide you with tools to navigate this terrain and collaborate according to your individual strengths and aspirations.
We will also explain how the INAF Communication Office works.
Additionally, we will answer some frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What is a press release?
  • A news?
  • A press conference?
  • The embargo?
  • A joint press release?
  • A quote?
  • Who is the intended audience for these communications?
  • How can I talk about astronomy to kids?
  • Why do you sometimes contact me in such a hurry during my meetings or calls?
  • Why wasn’t my proposal for the science festival accepted?
  • And most importantly, why are you writing about any topic but not my research?

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Local contact: Silvano Fineschi
OATo seminars contact: Paolo Giacobbe– Mario Damasso