Ongoing WEBT-led projects

A0 0235+16 in 2022-2025: looking for the next outburst

S4 0954+658 from 2022 April 6 to July 6

BL Lacertae in 2021 (PI: Claudia M. Raiteri)

PKS 0420−01 in October 2021-February 2022 (PI: Sergio Cellone)

WEBT monitoring campaigns have been organized during the observations of the TESS satellite of the following sources:

BL Lacertae (published by Weaver et al. 2020)

S5 0716+714 (published by Raiteri et al. 2021)

S4 0954+65 (published by Raiteri et al. 2021)

3C 371 observed by TESS for 7 months from 2019 December 24 (PI: Jorge Otero Santos)

PG 1553+113 observed by TESS in 2022 April 22 to May 18

Ongoing projects in collaboration with the MAGIC Team:

S5 0716+714 from 2017 December 15 to 2018 January 15 (JD=2458102.5 to JD=2458134.5) (MAGIC reference person: Marina Manganaro)

S5 0716+714 from 2015 October 1 (JD=2457296.5) to 2021 April 1 (JD=2459305.5) (MAGIC reference person: Marina Manganaro)

PG 1553+113 in April-May 2022 with TESS (MAGIC reference persons: Elisa Prandini and Antonio Stamerra)

Mkn 501  in 2017-2020 (MJD 57754 to MJD 59214) (MAGIC reference persons: David Paneque and Lea Heckmann)

BL Lacertae in 2019 (MAGIC reference person: Marina Manganaro)

BL Lacertae in 2020 (MAGIC reference person: Elina Lindfors)

1ES 2344+514 from 2019 January 1 to 2021 December 1 (MAGIC reference person: Axel Arbet-Engels)

Long-term Mkn 421 and Mkn 501 monitoring (MAGIC reference person: David Paneque)

Long-term PG 1553+113 monitoring (MAGIC reference persons: Elisa Prandini and Antonio Stamerra)

Ton 599 (MAGIC reference person: Tomislav Terzic), involving also XMM-Newton observations in 2019 May and December