PG 1553+113 with MAGIC

Period: April - June 2013 (extended to the end of the optical observing season)

The WEBT is organising a multiwavelength campaign on PG 1553+113, in occasion of TeV observations by MAGIC.

MAGIC will observe the source for 4 consecutive days in April, May, and June 2013.

In April, MAGIC observations will be performed between the 8th and the 11th.
In the same period the source will be pointed by Swift.

In May, MAGIC observations will be performed according to the following schedule:
May 8, 02:00 UT to 03:20 UT
May 9, 00:30 UT to 01:00 UT and 02:10 UT to 02:45 UT
May 10, 01:50 UT to 03:15 UT
May 11, 01:45 UT to 03:10 UT
Swift will likely point at the source on May 8 and 11.

In June, the preliminary schedule for the MAGIC observations is:
June 8, 22:45 UT to 00:30 UT
June 9, 22:45 UT to 00:30 UT
June 10, 22:45 UT to 00:20 UT
June 11, 21:30 UT to 00:15 UT
Swift will be pointed at the source in the same period.

WEBT will perform a continuous monitoring in the optical (UBVRI), near-IR, and radio bands.


All observers interested in participating in the campaign are invited to send a message to the Campaign Manager, Claudia M. Raiteri, and to the WEBT President, Massimo Villata, providing information on their instrumentation (telescope, detector, filters) and possible observing periods. Data must be submitted to the Campaign Manager with cc to the WEBT President.

Optical data

Optical data must be submitted in the usual WEBT format, i.e. an ASCII file with indication of Julian date (5 decimal digits), instrumental magnitudes (3 decimal digits) and errors of the source and reference stars.
Julian_Date mag_1553 err_1553 mag_1 err_1 mag_2 err_2 mag_3 err_3 mag_4 err_4
where Stars 1 2 3 4 are indicated in the finding chart below.

Finding Chart

Photometric sequence

Star U B V R I
3 16.83 (0.01) 16.40 (0.04) 15.69 (0.02) 15.28 (0.03) 14.90 (0.05)
4 17.02 (0.01) 16.56 (0.04) 15.77 (0.02) 15.32 (0.03) 14.89 (0.06)

Photometry of Stars 3 and 4 has been derived from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, using ugriz to UBVRI transformations by Chonis & Gaskell (2008, AJ, 135, 264). Calibration of Stars 1 and 2 is in progress: their SDSS photometry cannot be used because of saturation.

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