Abastumani Observatory General Information

Geographical Location

The Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory was founded in 1932. It is located at East 42.8 longitude and North 41.8 latitude on Mount Kanobili (altitude 1700m) near the well known resort Abastumani (altitude 1350m). The nearest administrative centers are towns Achalziche (30km) and Adigeni (30km) - see map.

The Observatory is connected with Abastumani by a cable cage. It takes only five minutes to reach the mountain instead of an hour by walk. From the cabin, the beautiful panoramas of the valley and Abastumani are seen. There are numerous monuments of the Ancient Geogian Architecture in this region (Samzhe-Djavaheti). The most famous is VARDZIA which was cut in a sheer rock in the XIIIth century.

How to reach Abastumani

Direct flights: Frankfurt-Tbilisi ..... (two per week)
Istanbul-Tbilisi ...... (two per week)
Moscow-Tbilisi ........ (every day)

Bus: Tbilisi-Abastumani ...... (one per day, 250 km, 5 hours)
Tbilisi-Achalziche ....... (five per day, 220 km, 4 hours)
Akhalzihe-Abastumani .... (three per day, 30 km, 1 hours)

Taxi: Tbilisi-Observatory .. (100 US$)
Achalziche-Observatory .. (25 US$)